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Technology has a way of disappointing you or not working right.

We can help we fix things, electronic things, things that seems like they would be great or fun, and then hours go by and they still don’t work.fixitguy That’s what we do we fix , and we get things working.

We repair computers, for over 20 years we have been fixing computers and walking people through things, help with selecting and installing hardware and software,installing and repairing networks and network infrastructure,  updates and repairs to laptops, screen repairs, Virus and Malware removal, WiFi network updates and replacements,and repairs upgrades and replacements of the always forgotten internet router. To put simply we Fix Computers, we assist you with your technology problem.

Tablets, let’s not forget tablets, from windows 10 tablets and slates to iPads and Android units, let’s see how we can help. One of the biggest problems I’ve seen (besides the broken screens, which we can look at and let you know if it’s worth fixing) is the WiFi signal strength in a home or office. without a decent signal these devices can quickly become paperweights.

We have rebuilt the company recently changed the name and put on a new face. We decided to start fresh with things and build the new computer company a little differently. Our goal is to give great service to the little companies that are often forgotten and the home and home office users. The other thing is we will limit the number of clients so we can provide you with the best possible service.

To make things  quicker and easier for everyone involved we try to do many computer repairs remotely (over the internet)

Contact us one of many different ways and we will walk you through getting help in plain English.

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TeamViewer Full Setup download

To prepay for remote repair click HERE

Please contact us before downloading any of this software... or message us through Facebook at Facebook Page

Thank you for your support and look forward to talking soon.








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